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DIRECTED BY: IAMSTATIC (iamstatic.com)
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Ron Gervais, David Greene
PRODUCTION CO: TOPIX (topixfx.com)
ART DIRECTION: Emrah Gonulkirmaz (emrah.ca)
DESIGN: Emrah Gonulkirmaz, Michael Brown
EDITING: Ron Gervais
CHARACTER DESIGN / MODELING: Abdul Mohamud, Steve McArdle
CONCEPT ART: Megan Bannon
MODELING: Dave Greene, Steve McArdle, Chris Crozier, Ronak Shah, Pearce Perkins, Chris Johnson
COMPOSITE: Ron Gervais, David Greene, Abdul Mohamud, Matt Dochstader
AUDIO / SOUND DESIGN: Sound Invader (Randy Knott)

Iamstatic directs and produces award winning commercial and non-commercial projects in design, animation, film, print, digital and vfx. Our roots began as an art and design collective and we have busied ourselves over the years creating short films, print / poster design, title sequences, interactive art projects and music videos. We do this to keep our minds inspired and skills sharp so that we can bring the same level of passion to every project we do and foster great collaborative partnerships with our clients.



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"Inside the Mind of Leonardo"
is a hybrid of scripted drama, documentary and theatre that takes a journey into the mind of mankind’s greatest genius
Leonardo Da Vinci

This montage is cutdown version of some early and final shots that I was responsible for
Design, Art Direction and Animation.
Music for Montage: Kitchen Sink - Amon Tobin

The story centres around Leonardo’s personal journals (Codex Atlanticus) which hold over 6,000 pages of handwritten notes and drawings. The film stars award winning actor Peter Capaldi as he narrates the translated text and passages directly from Leonardo's
journals. Our task was to help develop a look and feel and then animate the "mind-scape" that transports the audience into Leonardo's thoughts and ambitions.


Leonardo da Vinci in this semi-documentary that draws on the Italian Renaissance artist's own private journals to provide unparalleled insight into his life and work.


The line is the first species of quantity,
which has only one dimension, namely length, without width nor depth, and is nothing else than the flow.

A Film inspired by Nike's Hyperfeel running innovation.
I've tried to give life to this flat line, informed by data captured while running with the Nike+ Running App and Nike+ FuelBand.

This is an abstract interpretation to different elements of a run and to collective data,
from the initial burst of speed, to a lulling rest and sprint finish.
To compliment the Nike+ running data;
the sound and motion evolve dependent on the peaks and troughs of the abstract forms themselves.
Aspect ratio is employed to enhance the feeling of the single thread,
integral to the innovative nature of the Flyknit upper,
but also of the running journey, from A to B.

More insight from Nike Press Release

| Credits |


INT Works

Director & Designer
Emrah Gonulkirmaz

Sound Design

Initial frames and Boards

Some of the style frames that designed for Iron Man III titles.
Produced for

As an approach, the bio-electronics, data travels around and forms the armor. Dark grey shade inside the armor represents result of extremis virus, which reflects corruption and hack of a body.

For more insight
Type-Ed interview

Design, Direction

BNA Logo/Identity Animation Winner
IDN Best of 2011

Client: Colr Inc.
Studio: Topix
Design, Art Direction , Animation by Emrah Gonulkirmaz
Sound Design : Mert Kizilay

When i first saw the existing Logo of Colr, it remind me Abstract Painter Kenneth Noland Painting "Beginning". This kind of direct me to Color field Painting era. The colors of the logo were prominent enough to execute it in a minimal way. For me the question was, how I can get out of that circular borders of the logo without losing the colours and the main shape of it.
The main inspiration came from the Painter which I always admired Morris Louis and his Color Field Paintings. I've decided to combine these two ideas in my design (colours & stripes) and execute it with Strands as simple as possible and give the birth of Colr concept, expand the idea with a smooth motion that is integrated to the Logo and Typography to observe the sheer beauty.

I'm glad to be part of the new Ballistic Publishing Book "EXPOSÉ 11"

Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
One that is peculiar, irregular, or difficult to classify.

Studio : Brink
Designed & Directed by Emrah Gonulkirmaz
Sound Design by John Black

Brink aims to eliminate the notion of identity through a perspectival shift. The piece begins with a moment where everything is suspended and the viewer engages with close-up clusters of forms which act as abstract visual clues
Looking at the subject as a landscape and playing within an organic realm in which various spaces emerge from and extracting the identity of Brink from its context.

I was trying to get close as possible to have the subject not identified and act as environment or as a landscape....the first tests were kind of obvious what they were...but when i got more closer to subject i was getting the result that i wanted to..... but result was coming with consequences, which is extremely low depth of field.
It was getting more diffucult to get the images because effective f-number was depending on the magnification ratio....and I was working between 3x - 4.5x magnification....

Canon 5D - 7D

Few stills from making of...
screen captures of Softimage xsi (ICE)

Starz | Rebrand
(Director's Cut)

Production Company : yU+co
Lead Design & Direction : Emrah Gonulkirmaz
Lead Compositing & Direction : Mert Kizilay
Sound Design : ECHOLAB

I've teamed up with yU+co to design & create a visual language for the brand Starz network, which infuses the entire landscape of Starz platforms with their new tagline, "Taking you Places"
Conceptually I've decided to go with Organic and solid, sculptural forms which were fluid in motion. Overall approach was same for the brand package, but the forms and motion constitute the distinction between the main and sub channel / program ids.
Above credits are specific to Director's cut versions, Over all branding package was done with team at yU+co which had expanded in daily bases through out the project time.
It was great working with lots of talented designers & artists with all their great interpretation.
I'll try to release full list of credits if i can get the names together.

{Initial boards & couple of concepts}

mainId initial boards, creation of a landscape and traveling through it. part of the tagline "Taking you Places"

and couple of concepts that i've done when i first started to work on it. Look didntr really change too much, but the forms got in to lots of shapes through out the process.


Originals Series | Ident
(Director's Cut)

Production Company : yU+co
Lead Design & Direction : Emrah Gonulkirmaz
Lead Compositing & Direction : Mert Kizilay
Sound Design : ECHOLAB

Initial design & direction

Originals had to be little different than the others, at least for the forms, it had to look more muscular, strong, and appealing.
which it reflects starz premium programs / shows like Spartacus and Boss.

Design & Direction by Emrah Gonulkirmaz
Music by Mert Kizilay
Double Bass Artist: Houston Guy

A brand film for New York based fashion designer Michael Angel,.
Which features his upcoming collection & his brand.
Main concept of the film inspired from Michael's rorschach and kaleidoscope base designs in his collection.
I've colloboarated with my friend Mert Kizilay and we've try to push the still images in to motion with sound to create mesmerizing moments.

Piece shape shift and lead to more complex & mesmerizing moments, and It leads to brand.

Art Direction, goes back to 1930's technicolor which was more saturated colors...


Initial Design & Art Direction

Parasite Choi is a collaborative project including more than 15 digital artists from 10 countries all around the world.
This short film was premiered at the Offf festival 2012

PARASITE CHOI is a collaborative project including more than 15 digital artists / designers from 10 countries all around the world.
This movie was premiered at the Offf festival 2012

Director - Damien Steck
Producers - SR Partners & OUKA Studio

Motion Designers & Studios
Murat Pak
Tim Borgmann
Gabor Ekes
Andrey Nepomnyaschev
Ben Reubold
Chimera Studio
Emrah Gonulkirmaz
Kim Holm
Tom Waterhouse
OUKA Studio,
Ihsu Yoon

Music and Sound Design - JP Le Goff
Additional Sound Design - Sam Spreckley
Acting - Choi Hae Keun
Cinematography - Damien Steck
Operator 2 - Julien Petit
Make up artist - Julie Brenot
Design Accessories - Morel Lab
Editing - Damien Steck
Helpers - E-magineurs


Produced for Tendril

This approach would aim to visualize the unique physical characteristics of each sport
by tracing the trajectories of the athletes joints and motions and using them to create a
dense and complex pattern of superimposed lines, connections, and data particles.


inspired by Schlieren photography—would demonstrate the physics of athletic motion by its effect on the surrounding
medium. Like ripples in water caused by the movement of a swimmer. The normally invisible energy would be represented as fine structures of light and energy that would
be spun and perturbed into vortices and spirals by the motion of bodies in space.


Produced for Tendril

Design Direction

This section contains; some of the stills from various projects and sketches